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A challenging install of a large pump for a major retail store in London

Our engineers swiftly responded to the task of replacing a substantial 15kw pump.

We were quickly on-site with the required lifting equipment, however we encountered a slight issue – the room layout was tight, and existing pipework had been installed at a low level, complicating the removal.

But challenges like these are just another day at the office for us!

Our solution?
We disassembled the old pump into three manageable pieces for removal. Adopting the same approach with the new one, we reassembled, installed, and ran tests to ensure optimal performance

The result? The retailer’s water was back on the very same day, with our team efficiently concluding the job without causing disruption.

Take a moment to browse through the photos we’ve shared, capturing the journey from the old pump to the new installation -another job well done by our team of engineers

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