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A leisure centre with no hot water

Another day, another emergency!

This time, it was a leisure centre in a tight spot with no hot water! But never fear, NT Cloke Pumps & Water was on hand to dive in and save the day!

Our team responded promptly and found the pressurisation unit at fault. After running our expert diagnostics, it was clear all the vessels were off their air charge. In addition, the pumps were in an overheated state due to airlock and in dire need of venting.

But that’s not all! The unit was hard piped in from the booster set – a bypass we discovered while we were working our magic on the pressurisation unit.

Our client, seeing our work on the pressurisation unit, then asked us to take a look at the troublesome booster while we were on site. It was also in fault with pumps that were red hot. Upon digging deeper, we found the pumps were on manual mode and kept triggering a high-pressure fault.

With a swift reprogramming of the unit and recharging of the vessels, the booster was back in action.

And, voila! Hot water was back up and running, and the leisure centre was once again open for business!

When it comes to pump troubles, remember, the NT Cloke Pumps & Water team is only a call away!

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