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Bespoke pump Installation at Hyde Park, London!

Bespoke pump Installation at Hyde Park, London!

Today we want to share one of our latest projects – at a prestigious residential property in Hyde Park, London. Our team was called in to tackle issues with an aging and obsolete system, and what we delivered was tailored around the needs of our client.
Initial Challenge:
Upon inspection, we found the existing system was outdated and needed a complete overhaul.
Our Solution:
We designed a custom-built system, tailored to fit perfectly into the property’s compact plant room. Our focus was on minimising downtime to ensure a swift and seamless transition.
The Result:
The new system is now up and running, performing better than ever! It’s a testament to our commitment to providing bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.
At NT Cloke Pumps & Water, we specialise in creating custom pump solutions for both residential and commercial properties.


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