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Emergency call-out to a very popular hotel in london

Emergency call-out to a very popular hotel in london

We've been incredibly busy lately, so we thought it's about time we shared another project our team completed.

Let’s tell you all about what happened…

We received an emergency call-out to a very popular hotel in London that had no water, which was a disaster.

Before we even visited the site, it was important we understood the problem and were able to offer a short-term solution… and that’s exactly what we did.

We quickly identified the problems on each booster set and got them up and running on a basic level, allowing the hotel to continue to stay open.

To find a lasting resolution, new parts were required to get the booster set up to a suitable and fully functional standard.

Our team promptly sent out a quote the same day, and this was accepted by the client, which allowed us to book out time to visit the hotel.

On our return visit, we got straight to work…

Booster set number 1
Required x2 new 24ltr vessels
New isolation valves
Booster set number 2
Required x1 new vessel

All works completed within the time frame set by the hotel due to the water being turned off during works.

On completion of works, both booster sets were finished with a full NTCloke service and check.

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