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New Ebara Booster Pump Installation- A Game-Changer for Our Client

New Ebara Booster Pump Installation- A Game-Changer for Our Client

New Ebara Booster Pump Installation- A Game-Changer for Our Client

Project Spotlight:

In a decisive move to enhance efficiency and resolve persistent operational disruptions, NT Cloke Pumps & Water recently undertook the replacement of an outdated booster system with a cutting-edge Ebara variable speed booster for one of our esteemed clients.

Initiative and Implementation:

The old booster, a source of multiple ongoing issues, was identified as a bottleneck in our client’s production. Embracing innovation, we opted for a direct swap, necessitating precise pipework modifications to accommodate the modern Ebara unit.

Seamless Execution:

Our adept team managed a comprehensive system drain down and removal of the antiquated setup. This was followed by an intricate mechanical and electrical installation, ensuring the new Ebara booster was perfectly integrated. Recognising a gap in the original setup, we installed a local discharge isolation valve, laying the groundwork for easier future maintenance and servicing.

Rapid and Effective Results:

Completed within the client-agreed 4-hour window, the project culminated in a thorough setup and commission of the new system. Our actions not only mitigated previous challenges but also significantly uplifted operational reliability and productivity.

The NT Cloke Promise:

This transformation underscores our dedication to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. With the new Ebara booster pump, our client can now look forward to smoother, more reliable production workflows.

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