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Not our engineers favourite call out to an apartment block to repair a pump

Not our engineers favourite call out to an apartment block

Not our engineers favourite call out!
We were recently called out to inspect a pump after a fault was detected. The sight that greeted us upon arrival was… well, indescribable. Let’s just say our team members had a field day and another pump earned its place on our ‘Wall of Shame’ at NT Cloke.
Unearthed Details
In this apartment block’s case, not only was the pump in distress, but there was also dirt in their water tank. This is not just a pump issue, but a hygiene concern for every resident.
The Bigger Picture
Such startling discoveries underline the significance of annual service checks. These aren’t mere ‘checks’. They’re preventive measures. They keep pumps free from issues, optimise their performance, and crucially, they avert complications that could later pinch your pocket.
Attention Building & Facilities Managers 
Negligence can lead to malfunctions, added expenses, and poor hygiene conditions. If you’re responsible for pumps and the maintenance of your building, now is the time to be proactive.
How We Can Assist 
At NT Cloke Pumps & Water, we’re dedicated to ensuring pumps don’t just work but thrive. Let’s collaborate to keep your pumps running smoothly and far away from our ‘Wall of Shame’.


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