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NT Cloke to the Rescue for Booster Set Install

Recently, one of our clients faced a daunting task. They had a new booster set delivered, weighing over 400kg, destined for a 6th-floor plant room. But with limited access and the sheer weight of the unit, it seemed like an uphill battle.
That’s where our team stepped in. We’re not just about installations; we’re problem solvers. Our experts swiftly dismantled the booster set into manageable parts for safer, easier transportation through the tight confines of the building.
Once in the plant room, we meticulously reassembled and built the booster set back to its original state. Our job didn’t end there. After the site team installed the unit, we returned to perform a comprehensive setup and commissioning, ensuring the booster was running smoothly and efficiently, just as expected.
At NT Cloke, no job is too big or too complex. We pride ourselves on being able to tackle and resolve any challenge that comes our way.
Need assistance with a tricky installation or a complex setup? Remember, we’re just a call away!


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