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Pressurisation unit install at a shopping centre

Take a look at this recent pressurisation install carried out at a shopping centre in Derby. 

The problem….

▪️We were called in after the existing heating system had failed.

We found that the old pump had seized, and this caused issues firing out controls!

About the install…

▪️The old unit was very basic with dated controls. 

We found an immediate workaround on site, by quick filling the system…and by linking out the faults this allowed us to get the system back up and running!

▪️The longer term solution
We returned on site to install the new pressurisation unit, which has updated digital controls. This will prevent the pump seizing and avoid this issue returning in the future. 

This wasn’t the end of this job…

▪️The existing pipework and connections were completely different to the new upgraded unit and so our engineers carried out a full re-pipe!

 All works completed in good time with minimum downtime. Yet another example of the fine work our team completes on a daily basis for our clients.

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