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Swift Resolution for Water Issues at Busy Apartment Blocks 1

Swift Resolution for Water Issues at Busy Apartment Blocks

Recently, two apartment blocks faced a critical challenge – a complete absence of water due to major system failures.
NT Cloke Pumps & Water received an urgent call for help, and we sprang into action.
Upon arrival, the diagnosis was clear but far from ideal: all the Hydrovar inverters/drives had failed, rendering the systems inoperative. With no bypasses in place, residents were left without an essential resource.
Understanding the gravity of no water supply in a multi-story apartment block, we implemented a temporary fix to restore water to the residents.
Quick Thinking and Immediate Action
Our team worked diligently to gather all necessary details for the replacement of the failed inverters. Thanks to our well-stocked inventory, we were able to swiftly return to the sites, remove the defunct drives, and install, fit, and commission new inverters.
The result?
Both apartment blocks were back up and running with minimal disruption, showcasing our ability to provide quick and effective solutions to our clients.
At NT Cloke Pumps & Water, No Challenge is Too Big. For expert solutions to your water system needs, remember, NT Cloke is here to help:


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