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The Unseen impact of negelected water tanks

The Unseen Impact of Neglected Water Tanks

Today we thought we would share a couple of water tanks we came across on recent call outs 

You can witness first-hand the shocking condition of two water tanks prior to our

It’s a strong reminder of what might be lurking unseen in many homes and businesses…if your tank hasn’t been cleaned tit would look like this 

Let’s remind you why cleaning your tank is so crucial?

1️⃣ Health Risks: Unclean tanks can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, including Legionella, posing serious health risks.

2️⃣ Reduced Efficiency: Sediment accumulation can impact the efficiency of your system, leading to higher utility bills.

With our help we can ensure that your tanks are not only clean but safe, extending the life of your system and guaranteeing pure water quality.

Homes and businesses: Don’t wait for issues to arise. Prioritise the cleanliness and safety of your water systems. Our team is equipped and ready to provide a thorough check and cleaning service.

Reach out to NT Cloke Pumps & Water for comprehensive water tank maintenance:

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