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Underground Plantroom Refit after a Flood caused significant damage

Underground Plantroom Refit after a Flood caused significant damage

Underground Plantroom Refit after a Flood caused significant damage

We recently faced a significant challenge at an underground plantroom. A faulty solenoid valve had led to extensive flooding, causing considerable damage.

Discovering the Challenge:

Upon our arrival, the extent of the damage was clear. Our comprehensive site survey and specification process provided us with the roadmap to restoration.

Implementing Solutions:

Drain and Remove: We quickly drained the flooded unit, removing all damaged equipment.

Upgrade for Efficiency: The existing bypass was upgraded from 3/4 inch to 2 inches, enhancing flow during operations.

Innovative Safety Features: Utilising Dutypoint’s latest pod designs, we integrated two safety features at the inlet, including high-level probes to automatically shut off the solenoid if the ball valve failed.

Enhanced Monitoring: An external fault panel was installed to monitor underground conditions closely.

Restoration and Upgrade:

Our team installed a new booster set and sump pumps, performing a comprehensive retrofit. The unit was tested, ensuring it met our high standards and, most importantly, restoring reliable water pressure for the complex’s residents.

And this wasn’t where our support ended…

A full clean and chlorination was carried of by our water hygiene engineers. Samples taken and passed off in the labs making it safe to drink

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