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Upgrading Essential Water Pump Services at a Busy Care Home

Upgrading Essential Water Pump Services at a Busy Care Home

Upgrading Essential Water Pump Services at a Busy Care Home

At NT Cloke Pumps & Water, we’re no strangers to the challenges faced by essential services, especially those as critical as care homes. When we were called to address frequent breakdowns and ongoing issues at a care facility, our team was quick to diagnose the problem.

Challenge Identified:

The care home’s aging heating pressurisation units and cold water booster sets were on their last legs, posing a significant risk of leaving the facility without crucial water or heating.

Proactive Solutions:

Understanding the urgency and the potential consequences of complete failure, we recommended an immediate upgrade. With the customer’s green light, we undertook the task of overhauling x2 plantrooms, stripping out the old and installing state-of-the-art equipment in each.

Timely Execution:

Recognising the site’s high-risk status, it was imperative that we completed the work within the agreed timeframe.

Our team pulled delivered a swift turnaround, ensuring the site was fully operational and the risk of complete shutdown was avoided.


The care home is now equipped with reliable, efficient systems, ensuring the comfort and safety of its residents.

Looking to upgrade or maintain essential water or heating systems? Contact us to ensure your facilities remain operational and safe.

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