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NTC 300 Litre Cold Water Tank with a Variable Speed Pump Booster Set


• Non-corrosive holding tank (WRAS approved material)
• Pre-fitted WRAS approved fill valve
• WRAS approved submersible pump.
• Integral overflow weir
• Minimal installation requirement
• Digital display flow controller
• Dry run protection with auto restart (time delay)


The NTC 300 Litre Cold Water Tank with a Variable Speed Pump Booster Set is a compact system that offers a great solution to boost water pressure in smaller properties where space is at a premium. Areas such as apartments, cottages and town houses would benefit the most from a compact system.

The NTC Compact’s design fits into the space of a standard kitchen unit as they are similar in size to a washing machine so can be hidden from view, behind a cupboard door and you will never know it’s even there. The electronic controller will automatically start and stop the pump when a drop in pressure is sensed i.e. a tap or outlet is opened and closed.


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