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NTC Compact Single Booster Set


  • Tank sizes available from 184 litres up to 2000 litres in one or two-piece GRP insulated
  • Single, twin or three pump versions (see our full range)
  • Type AF/AG or AB air gap
  • Variable speed control complete with transducer
  • Quiet running with water cooled motors
  • Low level float switch fitted as standard for dry run protection


The NTC Compact Single Booster Set has been specifically designed for larger domestic properties requiring an extremely quiet cold water supply boosting solution & an application with low mains water pressure and flow and where space is at a premium. Other areas such as office blocks, hotels, student accommodation and factories will all benefit greatly from a NTC Single Booster Set.

The NTC Single Booster Set will fit into tight compartments where there isn’t space for a separate tank and pump set. The slimline models are able to get through doorways without the need for a 2-piece tank. The system operates via an electronic variable speed controller which will automatically start and stop the pump when a drop in pressure is sensed i.e., a tap or outlet is opened and closed in accordance to the demand on the system.


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