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Late-Night Rescue at Top Floor Hotel Plantroom

Emergency Call Out Success to a busy residential apartment block

Emergency Call Out Success! 
When a distress call came in at 10am from a trusted block management firm, alerting us that an entire apartment block was waterless, we sprang into action. 
Upon reaching the site, our engineers swiftly diagnosed the problem: the ageing hydrovar inverters showed no life. Tests confirmed they were completely non-operational.
We rigged a quick-fix by fixing a loan inverter from our stock whilst we ordered the replacement part. This offered us an interim solution which meant we had the booster set up and running again by 11:30am!
The very next day saw us back on site with brand new inverters. Ensuring minimal disruption, we strategically swapped them out one at a time, guaranteeing a constant water supply during the procedure.
Post-revamp, we diligently serviced the unit, affixing the trusted seal of NT Cloke Pumps and Water. 
Determined. Dependable. Delivering under pressure. For all your pump-related emergencies, think NT Cloke Pumps & Water!


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