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Fault fixed at an appartment block in slough

The problem
We were initially called out because the booster was continuously running which resulted in warm water coming out of the cold taps which also caused a pressure issue and low pressure faults.

Our diagnosis
We quickly identified the problem, isolating tye issue to the non return valve

Our short term solution 
In almost all instances our clients require their water up and running asap…and for good reason. 

With this in mind we were able to get the unit back up and operational just working on one pump so the residents had minimal disruption

Our permanent solution
We ordered the parts immediately and returned the following week to carry out the necessary repairs which involved replacing both non return pump. 

This will avoid the likelihood of the valve failing again in the future. Both pumps were turned back on and fully tested. 

Our engineer even serviced the pumps during our visit to make sure the system is running perfectly. 

Not the everyday level of service you can expect…unless you work with NT Cloke Pumps & Water! 


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