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The quick response and resolution to an issue allowed a primary school

The problem
The premises officer notice he had a fault light and no heating at the school and so he was quickly on the phone to our office.                    

Within 1 hour we arrived onsite to investigate and quickly identified there was an issue with the unit not having power. We traced the fault to be down to a blown fuse. 

Once this fuse was replaced we powered it up and tested. After further investigation we found pump No.1 had seized. We attempted to strip the pump and free it, but sadly it wouldn’t budge. 

 Our short term solution
Luckily this was a twin unit we so disconnected the faulty pump and altered the parameters to make it a single pump unit. 

Carried out a full reset and test. Unit now fully operational and faults cleared. This allowed us to get the heating back on and school warming up before it caused any bigger issues or closed to the school. 

The permanent solution 
A new pump is now on order and a return visit will follow to get the unit back to it full operation! 

This is type of service all of clients receive and exactly what anyone working with us can expect.


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