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Helping a property management company at short notice!

On call, helping a property Management Company at short notice…

Our client who manages a block of flats called us complaining that a pump in the plant room was leaking and causing them issues. 
It wasn’t long before we were on site to assess the situation.

On arrival we found that pump number three was leaking excessively from it’s mechanical seal. 
We had a simple but effective short term solution which was to switch off the pump and to mechanically isolate stopping the leak.  

The permanent fix is to replace the mechanical seal which was quickly arranged, with one ordered and delivered…allowing us to return to the site and complete the works.

On this project we supplied and fitted a new Grundfos mechanical seal. 

We carried out full installation and reconnection of the part. 
On completion we also performed a full operations and function test. 

Everything now is running and working with the booster set left fully operational. 

A job well done by NT Cloke Pumps & Water

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