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Proactive Solutions by NT Cloke at a Local School with their water pumps

Proactive Solutions by NT Cloke at a Local School

During a recent annual service visit at a school we diligently look after, our team identified some critical issues that needed immediate attention.
Expansion Vessel Fix:
First on our list was a hot water expansion vessel with a damaged internal diaphragm – a vital component for maintaining system pressure and preventing leaks. We promptly removed the faulty vessel and fitted a new one, ensuring everything was back up and running smoothly.
Sump Pump Revival:
We also discovered that the plant room’s sump pump was failing to operate correctly – a key unit for flood prevention. Not skipping a beat, we replaced the malfunctioning pump with a new, fully functional one. After thorough testing, we confirmed it was operating perfectly, safeguarding the school against potential flooding.
With these repairs, the school’s systems are now in full working order, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for students and staff.
At NT Cloke, we’re not just about fixing problems; we’re about preventing them. Regular servicing can be the key to catching and addressing issues before they escalate.
Trust us to keep your systems running without a hitch.


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