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Sewage Station Upgrade at a College

Sewage Station Upgrade at a College: A Timely Intervention During School Holidays
A recent job we are looking back on was at a college. Tackling the challenge during the school holidays, our team was faced with a sewage pit that had been long neglected.
Upon inspection, the results were evident:
Both pumps were down to earth.
Guide rails had corroded over time.
The control panel had failed.
Taking the college’s preference into account, they wanted the control panel situated next to the pit for easier access to controls and alarms. This posed no problem for our skilled engineers.
Our Solution:
Replaced the malfunctioning pumps.
Installed new floats and guide rails in the pit.
Strategically positioned the controls adjacent to the pit for easy monitoring.
Post-installation, rigorous testing ensured everything was up to standard and operational. Another successful upgrade with minimal disruption, ensuring the college is well-prepared for the new term.
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